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“Not convinced?”

“N-no. S-sorry. I'm asking you all kinds of strange things…… Did I make you uncomfortable……?”

“Not at all. If there’s something you are worried about, you can tell me any time.”

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“L-leave it to me! I will properly keep my eye on you, Kiyotaka-kun!”

No. It’s stressful to have you observed me so closely……

I couldn't bear to deny Airi, who had made a slightly triumphant gesture, so I swallowed the words.

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Nothing special happened after that, so I enjoyed the movie in peace.

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Although there was something somewhat odd about the content of the film.

(Part 5 End)

There are various commercial facilities at the Keyaki Mall. Most of the stores are used on a daily basis, like the supermarkets. However, there are multiple shops that only see occasional use. For example, there’s a service that delivers supermarket ingredients to your dorm room and a specialty store that fixes electric, gas, and water issues. The laundromat is another perfect example of this. A salaryman or another member of the outside community would have a good reason to typically use a laundromat, but it isn’t relevant to the students of this school. However, when a blazer or another part of our uniforms gets unusually dirty, the laundromat plays an important role by cleaning what we can’t clean on our own.

Even if it isn’t something you usually use, the time will come suddenly when it’s needed.

It’s Thursday night at 8:00 with the exam coming up on the weekend. The shops on campus had already reached closing time, so everyone from Class D gathered at a karaoke room. It’s a great place to make arrangements without worrying about anything leaking outside.