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After a year since graduation from middle school, I initially expected that our impressions for each other would more or less change for a bit. However, that’s clearly not the case. Sarina is still Sarina. I’m still me. Predator and prey.

She pushed me away, forcefully as she seized the drink area before complaining.

“Hmph, how impolite. What do you mean by dragging you into this? This is for your own good.”

“Huh? For me?”

“Yes. You only barely got your appearance together after you entered high school. I’m here to help you to gain experience in dealing with men. You should be thanking me…Shourishi.” [Note: Shourishi, can be roughly translated to Little Aguri.”

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Sarina brought up my shameful nickname in middle school. I’m already so dumbfounded that I can’t say a single word.

“I bet that she knew how I look like from somewhere, and then she got the idea of “this giddy girl should be a useful bait” before contacting me…I can’t believe she had the nerve to say that.”

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I’m so thoroughly pissed off that I’m starting to admire her. Although I feel that I’m already quite capricious on my own, I still can’t beat a person that was born like this.

Even though I knew this is futile, I still tried to protest.

“…But I already got an excellent boyfriend.”

“Hey, really? What a coincidence, the same goes for me. I have a handsome boyfriend with a promising future. Also, they…Koutou and Shougenn have girlfriends of their own as well…so what?”


This doesn’t make any sense. Although I slightly feel that I’m a bit of a normie now…these guys are on a whole new level.

I put the cup back to the recycling area when Sarina went back to her seat. Then, I poured some Olle coffee into my cup…as I stared at the bubbles appearing on the burnt down liquid in my cup.