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Is it true that online hang up automatic make money?

“Why don’t you look for a balance in between? Isn’t that the problem, senpai?”

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“I-I’m sorry.”

Perhaps I’m really too extreme with my thinking these days, I’ll have to pay attention to that.

“Really…If the ratio of senpai talking to your girlfriend Tendou-san or sis is 1, you should aim for a 3 when you’re talking to me. You’ll have to train to grasp a balance like this.”

“…Yes, I’ll remember it with all of my heart…? Eh?”

Strange, that ratio I just heard wasn’t right…Just as I’m confused, Konoha let out a small cough and urged me to continue.

“Anyway, let’s restart. It’s thinking time.”


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I’m getting more stranded as time goes on. Usually, I’m the exemplification of dull ideas. But my brain no longer works accordingly once I have to join in a serious discussion. The more you like something, the harder it is for you to describe It logically.

I just checked detailedly inside my mind for a while…However, the conclusion is that it’ll never end since this is a question without a clear answer. So, I decided to change my mind and just list out the games that I found entertaining recently.

“Uh, what about Dream Tale Aigis?”

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To my suggestion, Konoha-san showed a rare confused look this time.

“…I’m sorry, perhaps it’s because of my ignorance, but I’ve never heard of that game before. Can senpai please mention what kind of positions appeared in that game?”