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“What am I talking about.”

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After Chiaki smiled bitterly, she carefully put the soda can on the table with both of her hands. …She looks way different in a yukata compared to me. It looks adorable on her. Perhaps it’s because of her figures. Even though I don’t want to admit this, …in reality, this girl is beautiful.

…I still feel like I couldn’t calm down, so I can’t help but look away from her.

“However, …why can’t we find a chance to talk to Tendou-san recently? There’s a lot of chance for the two of us to talk like this.”


Chiaki agreed and continued helplessly.

“…Like right now, I’m the same group as Tendou-san, so I really want to clear it up as soon as possible. I feel like I’m doing something bad with you, …even though we’re completely friends currently.”

Chiaki smiled after finishing that. …It looks like she’s not forcing her smile, and it made me press my chest in relief.

(O-Of course. There’s no way for her to still love a guy that brutally rejected her just then. Really, I’m being way too self-conscious now…)

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Perhaps I’m the guy that’s viewing Chiaki as a girl somehow. I’m way too girly. I need to reflect on myself.

This time, I looked at Chiaki directly and started chatting with her.

“By the way, Chiaki, do you play Pokemon?”

Chiaki’s eyes brightened at my question as she leaned forward to me again.

“Yeah! Of course! Keita, Keita, you play Pokemon too!”