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Not long after, Lin Chang arrived.

Pei Qian was a little surprised because Shenhua Real Estate was bidding this time. Logically, Lin Zhou should have come instead.

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Lin Chang smiled. “My second brother is too busy, and he has no time. Don’t worry, I can make the decision for him! Boss Pei, just watch!”

After speaking, Lin Chang winked at Pei Qian.

Pei Qian: “...”

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He suddenly had an ominous feeling.

Lin Chang also went to the conference room to wait.

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Not long after, Zhou Muyan, Xue Zhebin, and the other “Crown Prince” of Jinding Corporation, Yao Bo, who wanted to bid for the GPL spot, arrived.

Xue Zhebin and Yao Bo were both rich second-generation heirs and had known each other for a long time. On the other hand, Zhou Muyan’s Sun Strike Studios had always been involved in games with paywalls and had a certain connection with these rich second-generation heirs who loved to play games. It just so happened that they had bumped into each other.

Pei Qian shook hands with the three of them and exchanged some pleasantries.

“Everyone, please come in. Someone will receive you on the second floor,” said Pei Qian.

Pei Qian was actually quite resistant towards and repulsed by these people who had come to bid for GPL spots. After all, these people were here to stuff money into his pockets and not to help him spend money. They could not possibly receive good treatment from Boss Pei.

However, since they were guests from afar, Pei Qian could not be that impolite. Thus, he still greeted him politely.

Zhou Muyan looked at his watch. “Boss Pei, there’s still about fifteen minutes to go. Can we walk around inside?”

Pei Qian nodded. “Of course, feel free.”

He did not mind too much. If they wanted to look around, so be it. DGE Club’s so-called training base was nothing more than a dilapidated villa. There were no secrets. They could see whatever they wanted.