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“GO-GO, Earth GO! FIGHT ON, Earth!”

“Hmm... wha...”

While enduring embarrassment, she shook her pompoms, raised her legs, raised her voice and cheered me on with all her best.

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“Y, you...”

“I, I know! You...... you may not like me... and you may find my support annoying... but still...”

Sadiz herself doesn’t understand. Why did she have to support me?

However, just like the advance preparation time, I’m sure she couldn’t help but feel that “I have to do something”.

“I just...I told you, I want to graduate ... so that’s enough.”

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And I still couldn’t accept it honestly, but I felt a little more relaxed about the shamefulness of it all.

So, really, enough was enough.

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“But... still... if you’re willing to do something about it...”

But if I can still hope.

I don’t want to go back to the way it used to be.

How about the boobs, what about our future.