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At noon, at the independent game incubation base...

Wu Zhicheng was having a meal with a few new independent game designers in the resting area.

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“See, I told you that Fish-Catching Take-Out’s tomato eggs are very delicious, right? They’re different from the ones made in restaurants outside, right? Fish-Catching Take-Out’s food is absolutely healthy.”

“...Huh? Work plan? Don’t worry about that. It’s not necessary to complete by the dateline. It can be adjusted. If you feel like you have anything new to add, feel free to look for Xi Hao.”

“...Don’t be afraid of him. Don’t treat Xi Hao as your boss or manager. He’s just the boss of the service department. He won’t interfere with the project. He’ll only plan the work according to your ideas. How the project is done depends on you.”

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“Come, eat more.”

Wu Zhicheng was like an old veteran, showing meticulous care for the new independent game designers, even though he had only been here for less than a month.

At first, Wu Zhicheng thought that he would not be able to adapt to this kind of collective work. However, after coming here, he realized that it was completely different!

After coming here, the development of Black Ink and Clouds could only be described as progressing by leaps and bounds.

Wu Zhicheng also thought deeply about the difference.

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Now that he recalled, thinking that he was efficient developing games at home previously was all an illusion.

That was because he would often be distracted by trivial matters when working at home. For example, what to do with the art resources in a certain part of the game, and what to do if he suddenly realized that the entire framework was unclear when he was halfway through the checkpoint. He would have to redo everything.

Similar situations often happened because Wu Zhicheng did not plan the entire project meticulously and comprehensively. Moreover, these trivial matters would indeed distract him.

However, after coming to this incubation base, everyone else was in charge of these small matters. Wu Zhicheng himself only needed to seriously think about creativity and design. Naturally, his efficiency increased a lot.