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“Great. I need you here, I need you to be useful to me. Your perfect score on the math test has made it clear to me just how special you really are after all.”

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Getting a perfect score had many downsides and, while few, this was but one of the side effects.

Before long, we arrived at the reception office.

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Leaving Chabashira behind, I ventured into the room alone.

“Thank you for coming all the way out here to meet me, Ayanokōji-kun.”

“Sending my homeroom teacher to come and get me like this… What are you planning? She might suspect something.”

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I said nothing of the fact that I had already drawn Chabashira over to my side.

I put on an act, pretending that I was surprised about suddenly being called upon by the Acting Director.

“Well, as the Acting Director, it wouldn’t be proper for me to come to your classroom, now would it?”

He kindly motioned for me to take a seat, but I disregarded it, choosing to stand instead.

Upon noting that, he finally began to talk.

“Now that April has come to a close, have you managed to figure out who the student I sent is? I was just thinking I should ask to find out.”

This seemed to be related to his promise that he would back off if I managed to discover the identity of the White Room student by the end of April.

“Unfortunately, I still don’t have any idea of who it might be.”

“What a concise response. Shouldn’t you at least list off the names of the students who you found reasonably suspicious?”

“I won’t speak of things I’m not certain of. At least, not in this situation.”

“I see. So that child has managed to stay hidden quite well, it seems.”