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(Anyways, fighting here is disadvantageous…)

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In this large auditorium where there are lots of obstructions, you can’t see the battlefield clearly, and there is a high risk of surprise attacks from blind spots.

(Besides, the victory conditions this time are unique…)

No matter how much the battle tips in my favour, if my reindeer antlers are taken, it will be my defeat.

I should bring this fight outside, with open visibility, so that I don’t get dragged into a free-for-all fight.

「Ria, Rose, Claude-san! I’m going outside!」

「Yes, okay!」


「Hmm, you seem to know the disadvantage of a confined space at least.」

When each of them replied,

「And Ria, never let them take your Santa hat!」

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I said those few words out loud.

To be honest, I was a little embarrassed, but I just couldn’t help saying it.

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「…! Yes, leave it to me!」