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Capture him decisively!

Ruan Guangjian saw Pei Qian immediately. “Eh, Boss Pei, a rare guest.”

Pei Qian was speechless; why did he always use this sentence on him?

I have been coming to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe frequently recently, okay?

“You know that your hero has been published, right? Do you want to play one round?” Pei Qian suggested with ulterior motives.

“Oh, really?” Ruan Guangjian was a little surprised. “So fast? I had been busy with my art and did not notice.”

Pei Qian could not help but be delighted.

You had been drawing so you did not notice? That means you had never played it even once?

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Great! I love playing with people who had never played before!

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“Come, come, come, let’s play one round.” Pei Qian and Ruan Guangjian found two empty seats. As for the coffee that Ruan Guangjian ordered, he had to ask the waiter to run errands and send it to the Halo Workspace opposite them.

When logging onto the game, Pei Qian took a sneak peek and found that Ruan Guangjian’s GOG account had a very small amount of battle records. Moreover, he seriously checked out the background of Literary Genius of the Winds, Ruan, the introduction, and their skills. It was really his first time playing.

Pei Qian decided to play as Modest.

On the one hand, it was because they agreed to play their own heroes, but the more important reason was that Modest was really strong!

Wouldn’t he have taken his revenge when Ruan Guangjian was killed 0-21 while he played as an 8-0-20 perfect carry?

En, that was the plan!

“Come on, let’s get started.” Pei Qian had sent his team invite.