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What are the online can make money platforms?

「Leia, don’t run away!」

When I and Ria flared up at her,

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「…Oh, my! The『important document』that was entrusted by Tenshi-sama is missing? This is a problem. If that leaks out, she will have my head. Can’t be helped, I guess… I’ll eat lunch slowly and then search on my『work desk.』」sensei said so unnaturally, and left her office.

After Leia-sensei left the room, we exchanged glances with each other.

An important document from Tenshi-sama, a slow lunch, and work desk – This is a message from sensei saying, “Look through my work desk while I’m away.”

(From the position of “Director of the Five Academy”, it seems that she can’t openly raise an objection to this matter, but she is not in approval of this. Sensei… Thank you very much.)

Then, we immediately started to look through the work desk.

A few minutes later, I found a complete mess of a drawer and a document printed with “confidential”.

「This is it!」

「Well done, Allen-kun!」

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「I’d like to see the contents quickly, though…!」

I spread the document on the desk and everyone stared at it intently.

And on that document, a ridiculous thing was written.

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「Political… Marriage?」

The planning of a political marriage between Sie Arcstria, the eldest daughter of House Arcstria, and Numero Dolan, a noble.