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“Using the phone we got from the school, we can actually track the location of registered friends.”

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Ike searched for Kushida’s location as he said so.

Shortly after, the phone blinked with Kushida’s information, showing that she was in the cafeteria.

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“I’ve always been checking regularly, even on weekends. And then I talk to her, pretending that we met by chance, in order to make sure that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

While crossing his arms, Ike had a confident look on his face, but what he was doing is nothing more than stalking her.

It’s already at the level where the police would usually intervene.

“Realistically, Kushida-chan is out of our league… she wouldn’t drop to our level. Would it be possible if I aimed lower…?”

“Yea… in the first place, my girlfriend can’t be ugly…”

“They’ve got to be at least a 70…”

It seems like the two boys started to dream about getting a girlfriend.

Their wild delusions were shattered, but they could not get rid of their high expectations.

“Ayanokouji, do you want a girlfriend?”

“Well, if it’s possible.”