Truely profitable platform

Truely profitable platform

Well, it’s obviously an accidental pantsu, right?

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And I didn’t use a Canonicon!

“You... Shame on you! Die!”


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Eh? Now...... am I really in the wrong?

Instruct me, almighty master.

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“Hmm? Hey, what’s going on... Hey, what are you doing? Who is that man?”

And, the commotion spread to the schoolyard in an instant, people began to gather, and a black-haired guy stepped forward.

The teacher... ah, not good, I’m in a lot of shock, my head was swooning.

Then, the girl who suddenly pulled out the sword and the woman in orange panties instantly ran up to the black-haired guy when they saw him.

“Se, senior! This guy, this shameless trespassing guy.”

“Listen, th-this person, saw my panties! Only you... sh, showed you... I didn’t... I’m t-tainted...”

The two girls moved to either side of a black-haired guy as if they were saying ‘my position’.

Ah I see...... that’s how it is... these girls, they’re his hanger-ons....

“I see... this is what you call culture shock. They are hair-raisingly annoying women...”