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Ibuki took the bag and put it on her shoulder, like it was something troublesome, then she flashed a strange look at Yamauchi. Her eyes flickered as she almost saw something coming.

Well, Yamauchi has to show that he is a man, at least in front of Sakura. Moreover, in order to impress me too with his technique, he offered his hand to the new girl. Truth be told, it was courteously.

“… I’m ok, wait, I’m telling you, I’m ok. Stop it.”

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We might have Ibuki and her bag into custody, but there is no chance that she will entrust it to us to carry it, if we possibly believe that she will trust us, then we are in denial. The bag left her hands and as it bounced it bumped into a tree with a thud. As the atmosphere became awkward and almost dark Yamauchi apologised.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I did not have any bad intentions. I apologise.”

“I understand, it is just that I still do not trust you, guys. You do understand, right?”

That is all, it seems that there is nothing left to say, Ibuki stood still in silence, Yamauchi too, gave up and started walking. If she did not carry the bag, then she should carry some branches… Maybe she thought that we would make her carry branches in large quantities and thus hurt her hands, so she held on to the bag.

We gathered the branches and we returned to the campsite. We did not want to cause trouble as Ibuki was from a different class, so we made her sit in a place hidden from most people. Even though we left her in a place within our eyesight, I hope there will not occur any unpleasant situations. It would be a really bad luck if we were to meet Hirata. For the time being it’s me and Yamauchi, as Sakura was keeping herself busy with the preparations for the bonfire. Well, the night was beginning to fall around us and still we had not prepared to make a fire, so we felt a bit improper.

Yamauchi came with the box of matches he received from Hirata, making a heap of light branches, then, crouching down, before it.

“Let me take charge of this, I will show you an easy way to do this”

He took a match from the box and rubbed it against the rough striking surface to ignite a small amount of flammable fuel. I heard for just an instant, the rubbing sound, but the stick did not seem that it would produce a flame easily.

“Damn it, it is really difficult.”

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As Sakura was standing beside him, Yamauchi took an imposing posture, but it does not seem to work as always, especially in front of other people. Well, it seems that is not something that it will go smoothly.

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Nevertheless, to repeat something for the millionth time is a challenge, but suddenly the tip of the match lit a spark.

“Oh! Alright!”

Finally, we were going to light a fire. The panic and confusion that were piling up, dropped down by a simple technique.

And… It only produced smoke and in spite of waiting for a long time to spread its flames and see the fire, well there was no sign of it.