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Is it difficult to make money on the computer?

Sorry, it had been half a year since the project started preparing in February but Pei Qian did not even know where the roller coaster was to be built. He had not been there at all.

That was quite normal. Pei Qian did not exercise any oversight for the huge project ‘Mission and Choice’ for months.

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He was too busy with the projects for this cycle. How could he have time to care about the projects for the next cycle!

In any case, the general direction had been pointed out. There shouldn’t be a big problem.

Pei Qian still remembered the few requirements he had given the roller coaster at that time. It had to be far away from the three projects of Thriller Hostel. It had to be short and had to plan multiple routes.

He thought about it. As long as Chen Kangtuo followed his requirements strictly, he would definitely design a remote location that was not exciting at all. He would also build many useless roller coasters.

A roller coaster like that would probably not even be able to earn back the daily maintenance cost of the equipment, much less recoup its costs.

Next was the new money-burning plan.

Pei Qian missed his good brother Eric dearly after he returned to Dayak Corporation’s headquarters. There was still no news of him.

There might be no one to accompany him but he still had to burn the money.

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After two rounds of burning money on the 515 Games Day and summer promotion, the amount allowed by the system had greatly reduced.

He had been burning money for three consecutive months during May, June, and July. This was already repeatedly jumping the bottom line of the system.

The good thing was that Tengda’s profits were not bad. Thus, he could burn more in the end.

This time, Pei Qian planned to use his special quota of a hundred thousand yuan as well. He wanted to end this cycle perfectly with the usual money-burning activities!

He had already played all the tricks that he could previously during the 515 Game Festival and summer promotional events. There were not many ways to burn money now.

The event for the 515 Games Day was to log in and randomly give in-game props, buy standalone games with a certain chance of being waived, accumulate game time with red packets, Bunny Tail live-stream to give gifts, and so on.