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"Whether you really did deliver it or not, I don't have the means to ascertain that".

"What's that supposed to, there's no way I'd lie. Are you stupid?" Sudou said.

"Of course I want to believe you. But you and I still don't have the kind of relationship where I can trust you based on my believing you alone".

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In front of a slightly dissatisfied Sudou, Katsuragi crossed his arms together as if to think a bit.

"Let's use a phone. The moment you mail it through the post, I want you to record a video of it and sent it to me. If you do that, your credibility would be greatly increased".

It seems Katsuragi had managed to reach one of those means pretty well.

"Haven't you been listening to me? I've told you our phones get confiscated already".

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"Of course I understand. And that's why Ayanokouji, I'd like you to cooperate too"

"And this means?".

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"There's still a lot of space left in this water bottle. Put your phone after turning it off into it. If we do that, you should be able to take a phone to the outside without being discovered".

Since one student is assigned one phone by rule, if in the baggage search, Sudou hands over his own phone, there would be no further suspicion.

"Of course, if you will hand over your phone. I'm also willing to give you a reward". Saying that, he offered to pay me 10,000 points. It's not a bad deal.

"I understand. I will cooperate".

"Are you sure, Ayanokouji?".

"It's just something I could cooperate with. I also get what Katsuragi is saying. And besides, getting points would be a great help to me as well".

"Then I'll leave it to you" Katsuragi said as he bowed his head deeply before leaving the room and going back.

"...I got nervous thanks to something unnecessary".

"Are you alright, Sudou?".

"It's my second time participating in a tournament, you see. I think I get the flow of it at least.....".