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They must not let that happen!

Moreover, the setting of ‘you have a choice on the surface, but everything was predestined’ was regarded as a failure in the game industry. Most games would be criticized for doing so.

The game would last until middle-age, which was around 50 years old. As the saying went, be established at 30, have clarity at 40, and know the bidding of the heavens at 50.

To Pei Qian, 50 was the best age to kill off a rich man player. Too early and there would not be enough content; too late and it would not make people feel disgusted.

Fifty-year-old wealthy people were in their prime with their careers taking off. They had already obtained a very good standard of living. Most of them would have good marriages and promising children. Death at this time should be the most unacceptable time for players. As for the poor... life is basically fixated by the age of 50. The resemblance to their parents had also emerged, and this cycle of poverty has begun to take shape. In short, it was the best age to end this game. Of course, in addition to these fixed life processes, some unexpected events would also be added during the game. For example: car accidents, sickness, school bullying, pitfalls when buying a house, natural disasters, etc.

These emergencies would also slightly change the flow of the game and, at the same time, clearly show the gap between the poor and the rich in their ability to resist risks when facing these emergencies.

Pei Qian did not intend to do any voice-over this time after learning from the mistakes in Game Designer. All the content in the game would not contain any emotions or color. All dialogues and behaviors would be as objective as possible so that it would never induce players to have reverse psychology. Other than that, to prevent people with ‘ulterior motives’ from forcibly deepening their thinking, Pei Qian set the rich and poor as the two individuals whose paths do not cross at all.

The homeless guy who would kill the rich man in the end would have no link to the poor.

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This homeless man would not be the simple, kind-hearted poor man that most people imagined. He had good hands and feet, but he was idle and lazy. He wanted to kill the rich because he was jealous. It was not because of some noble reasons that he resisted the oppression. The poor could reach the rich; for example, his boss would be completely unrelated to the protagonist in the rich version. They never had any idea of resisting. He did not want to generate any misunderstanding such as ‘the rich oppress the poor’. In addition to this, there was another important question: how to prevent the pesky Teacher Qiao from over-interpreting this game? Pei Qian had been thinking very hard about this point, and he finally had an answer.

Force him to his grave with an official response!

Who would listen to you if I were to explain it from the start? How could you backstab me if no one listened to you?

Pei Qian could roughly guess the angles that Teacher Qiao could interpret from. It was nothing more than the rich-poor gap, the Matthew effect. The distribution of social wealth was unreasonable and the classes solidified.

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If his brain circuit was more peculiar, then it may be possible to analyze the poor’s lack of financial awareness and short-sightedness, why the rich could not understand the vicious cycle of life after falling to the bottom...

In any case, the topic of the gap between the rich and poor was discussed all over the world. If one was divergent in one’s thinking, one could talk about many topics.

Pei Qian decided to expose these problems as soon as the game was released.