How to make money online sell lyrics

How to make money online sell lyrics


『With so much time spent on a single page... surely it shall require the whole of today to finish reading everything!』

“Eh!? No way, all this, today!?”

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I didn’t think I’d be complaining about the speed of silent reading when I came here.

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I didn’t think I’d read all dozens of books today.

No, not possible.

Just reading one novel, my eyes and head get tired, but you can read it even faster...

『Good grief. With our sparring sessions, and also the effects of ladder training, your movement, intuition, prediction, reaction speed and so on are improving... but in the first place, you must also exercise your ‘eye power’.』

“No, besides, this rapid reading speed of the Great Demon King is due to those ridiculous Rikudo magic eyes.... Hey, if I’m too slow to finish reading, why don’t I just flip to the end without reading it anymore?”

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『Do not be a dullard! Tis a book you bought and paid for. If I read without you reading it, tis as if I am leaning on your charity!』

“No, this is also a thank you...”

『And if you trace the source of the funds, it would be pocket money from the wages that Hiro and Mamu earned by working! Do you mean for me to thank Hiro and Mamu for their charity!? To the end, tis simply a situation in which I merely peek at the book you are reading! 』

“Hah, such a bothersome rejection, you!”

『In any case, we shall train your eyes! At this rate, we can neither discuss the plot in our spare time, nor can we predict future developments together.... Also it will be useful in battle!』 [4]

Huh? Just now, you’ve said something like discussing the plot? That’s not what you said!?

『Tis a break from training today, but it would be better if I could relax...』