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After I asked this, she pondered the question for a bit.

“That’s just how maidens are, okay?”

Karuizawa pouted.

“Come to think of it, I wonder if there isn’t going to be a special exam this month.”

“The training camp only just ended, so that wouldn’t be surprising.”

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“Then, we can take it easy?”

“Are you all set for the end-of-year exams? It seems like they’ll be quite difficult.”

As I said this, I noticed Kei’s movements stiffen up.

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“Eh… Really?”

Until now, Kei had managed to get through one way or another, but she wasn’t in a position where she could start to be negligent with her studies.

“Could you help me study?”

“Ask Hirata. It would be difficult for you, but not impossible, right?”