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During this time, Aguri-san let out an “Eh!”

“What the hell, I didn’t realize there’s such a romantic spot here! We should have gone there if we knew it! Jeez…!”

Aguri-san plopped on the table as she rubbed her hands while throwing a tantrum. I answered her with a bitter smile.

“Uh, it’ll take a long time for a round trip. Even if the arrival of your bus is different than ours, you won’t have time to watch the stars since it takes 30 minutes.”

“Really. I guess it can’t be helped if you put it that way…By the way, Amanocchi, Shin-chan, you two are interested in stars as well? I didn’t expect that. I thought you two don’t care about anything outside of games.”

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“T-That’s impolite. We’re at least interested in the stars…R-Right, Chiaki?”

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“Y-Y-Yeah, Keita. I don’t want to be treated like a girl that’s o-only interested in gaming!”

We glanced at each other before lowering our heads awkwardly…I-I really can’t say it. Actually, 90%!o(MISSING)f our motives is taking the rewards of the mobile game. That’s why we’re climbing the hill. But I really can’t say it right now!


Aguri-san stared at us suspiciously…Crap. This person is really sensitive towards relationship issues. She will start getting her own ideas if this continues.

I freaked out as I looked around before immediately changing the topic.

“R-Right. Tendou-san should be on the same bus as you two, where is she?”

I looked around as I asked. Then, Uehara-kun answered.

“Ah, come to think of it, she said she wanted to walk around the kiosk, so she left the seat.”