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I took a short step back and at the same time avoided all the scattered stone fragments.

(The speed of movement is dreadfully fast, but… The scale and power of the explosion is much smaller than that of the『owl』…)

Although it was barely, I can avoid all of the heat waves, blasts, and stone fragments.

Claude-san, who was observing my movements from a distance, spoke calmly.

「To be able to keep up with this speed, you sure do have a good sword speed.」

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「…Well, thank you.」

When I replied briefly,

「-It can’t be helped, I’ll have to increase the『number』」

The next moment, she quickly slashed the ground.

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There were five swallows and crows each – a total of ten breathing bombs.

「…Are you kidding me?」

Cold sweat flowed through my back.

(No matter how small the explosion is, this number is dangerous…)

「Now, dance!」

At the same time as her orders,