Application of App WeChat withdrawal online

Application of App WeChat withdrawal online

The Bockmati Family? It should have been crushed….

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“Fufufufu, that’s right, it is. It’s impossible for the executives, but these guys, who were the lower-ranking members, only got a short prison term.”

“Wh, at!?”

“Recently, I’ve had a hard time hiring official warriors for escorts, and above all, they monitor activities behind the scenes, and it’s inconvenient because serious and inflexible ones would try to report to His Majesty and Hiro right away. In that respect, these guys will do anything as long as they’re paid, so it’s convenient.”

He hired short-term prison thugs to form a private escort group, and then used it to act behind the scenes.

It’s as if this person was more like the Mafia than a Minister.

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“Heh, leave it to me, Minister. Bro used to make me drink boiling water.”

“The monsters are to be caught alive, and the rest shredded, no problem?”

“Hmm? That other kid…. huh? Where have I seen him before…”

And the adults who appeared in a swarm smiled and tried to surround us.

It clearly created a violent atmosphere.

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So, here we are, Bro’s body was in no condition to fight anymore, and the others…