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“Cherish the time. We’ll gather at the hotel lobby in an hour.”

Exhausted, Pei Qian fell in and out of sleep in the car.

He had finally taken his closed-book exam. Over the past few days, he had buried his head in his books, so that he had had no time to work.

However, trying to cram everything at the last minute had been effective. Pei Qian guessed that he would get at least seventy marks.

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If he had paid his way through the examinations, he would probably only have gotten sixty marks. Yet, he now had hopes of getting over seventy marks based on his own skills. It was worth being proud of!

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To Pei Qian, the time that he had spent studying had not been wasted. As long as he could score slightly higher than Ma Yang, he would be satisfied.

“The next three exams are open-book; I don’t think I have to work that hard anymore. I can keep an eye on the company now. “That’s strange. For some reason, I feel like I’ve forgotten about something.”

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Pei Qian spent two minutes trying hard to recall what he had forgotten, but he soon gave up.

He had just taken an exam, and his brain was now completely relaxed. He was not in the right state to try and recall those details.

What’s more, he had too many businesses to take care of now. Pei Qian hardly had the energy to keep track of everything.

He yawned and decided to return to his apartment for a nap first.

Little Sun was a steady driver, but Pei Qian found it difficult to sleep because of the seat belt. Thus, he whipped out his cell phone, accessed Zhongdian Chinese Network’s application, and then caught up on his novels.

Pei Qian had many hobbies. He liked reading comics, watching shows, playing games, watching movies, reading novels, and the like. However, he was a jack of all trades.

After all, he was only doing all of these to entertain himself. There was no need to be so professional; it was all for fun.

Before this, Pei Qian had been reading novels online on Infinite Chinese Network. That was because there was a greater variety, and the novels were often more refreshing.

As for Zhongdian Chinese Network…

On one hand, Zhongdian Chinese Network’s earlier novels had been too trashy. Pei Qian had not been able to bring himself to read them. On the other hand, he had not wanted to support his own company.

However, he had started to read novels on Zhongdian Chinese Network recently.