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Moreover, Class D was put into a crisis during the sports festival because of Kushida’s betrayal.

"Wouldn’t it be strange to refuse in a scene like that?"

That is true. Did Horikita really accept this though?

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Suzune."

"Never mind that. The venue for the discussion has changed. They’re waiting for us at Pallet."

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"Oh, so uh. I’m sorry, can I go to the club just to show my face? I just remembered that my seniors asked for me to attend. I think it'll be over in twenty or thirty minutes.”

"I don’t mind. Come and meet me as soon as you're done."

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Sudō grinned, grabbed his backpack and hurried out of the classroom.

As she was late for the discussion, Horikita picked up her bag. I decided to head out as well.

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"Then I'm going back home. Best of luck with everything."

"Wait a minute. You’re invited to this as well. As an intermediary between Hirata-kun and Karuizawa-san, you are indispensable. I don't have very much influence on them right now."

"…Of course it would be like this. Although you say you don’t have very much influence, I think you can control the class smoothly to some extent. Besides, the final exam is the accumulation of these upcoming quizzes. You handled the midterm exam without my help with your study group.”