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It proved as an undeniable fact that I won today.

“U… o Uuooooooooooooooohh!!”

When I noticed, I was holding up the trophy and shouting at the top of my lungs.

Then, in response, everyone cheered and gave me a big applause again.

Among them were Mr. Machio and the other guys who participated in the tournament. …… no José though.

And Sadiz may have complicated thoughts about the trophy form being Tre’ainar, but she still gave me a round of applause.

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“The prize money will be arranged at a later date. In addition, the supplementary prize will be presented to the winner, Earth Lagann, tonight, so clean thyself properly… anyway, look forward to it. And it will be announced to the public soon.”


“In any case, this concludes the Arcane True Zenith Style Fighting Tournament! Dismissed!”


The matter of Jamdi’el’s supplementary prize. Most people tilted their necks because they couldn’t understand “that”, but some of the sisters who were aware of the situation were smiling or blushing.

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Sadiz, unaware of the circumstances, was “?”.

Kron had her usual grin with no particular change, but honestly, I can’t read her inner thoughts.

But… this… is it that?