Is it true when playing money online?

Is it true when playing money online?

I’m sure that as an OG, it’s a regrettable and vexing thought.

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「Furthermore, our academy even lost to the Ice King Academy…. As you can see, at every tournament, Thousand Blade Academy is now at the bottom, and right above us is the Ice King Academy…」

Leia-sensei placed a piece of paper on the desk that summarized the results of various tournaments, including the Big Five Holy Festival.

(It’s as she says.)

As far as I can see, the upper three academies switch orders every year, but the lower two academies are always constant. For more than a decade, the last place has always been Thousand Blade Academy, and the fourth is Ice King Academy.

「The immortal prestige that monopolized the first and second place for many years -Thousand Blade Academy and Ice King Academy are now stories of the past…. And as we remained at the bottom for all this time, a problem occurred…」

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After a breath, sensei continued without pause.

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「Ice King Academy, which once had a beautiful rivalry with us, bared its fangs at us. As though venting their anger on always being second during our golden days, they started to fan flames towards us… Dulled Thousand Blade, Shame of Five Academy – such slander was thrown around. Those damn bastards, they revealed their true nature as soon as our weakness was displayed!」


「Unforgivable, Ice King Academy…!」

Not only Ria, but Rose also seemed somewhat frustrated.

After talking about it, sensei took a few breaths and summarized.

「-And well, this is why you can’t lose to Ice King Academy no matter what. What’s more, this Big Five Holy Festival is the first tournament since I took office. I want an overwhelming『result』that can beat the Ice King Academy!」

Ria and Rose nodded in response to sensei.

「There! This is the strongest line-up I created last night, without even a wink of sleep!」

Sensei slammed a piece of paper which read「list of participants」on the desk.