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Sudou and Yamauchi, seemingly dissatisfied, presses Ike to show them the monitor too. But if they keep this up, there's no avoiding drawing suspicion from the other boys. I decided to make use of that.

"You're recording it, so isn't it better to not overdo it? You're about to draw suspicion".

"Kuu, y-you're right. For now, it's better to change.......".

Clicking his tongue and seeming frustrated, Yamauchi grimaced.

That's right, even without peeping through the monitor, it's currently being recorded in advance on the mini card that's installed on the radio controlled car. Resisting the temptation to pull back the radio controlled car, Ike endures.

Pushing the controller along with his baggage into the locker, he focused on changing.

"H-how many minutes should I wait I wonder.......".

"I'd like to keep it there for 20 minutes. At the very least........".

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It's necessary to avoid ending it too quickly and unable to hold down the changing scene as well as leaving it too long on the contrary and being unable to recover it. On top of that, if we delay changing for too long, that could also lead to trouble. Probably for these guys, this is going to be the longest 20 minutes of their lives.

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"I'll be going ahead".

"W-Wait a minute, Ayanokouji! Are you betraying us!? If you ask us to show you afterward, we won't show you!".

"That's not it. If 20 minutes goes by and not a single boy comes out, then the others will get suspicious".

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"Uuu, I guess that's also true......then go do that properly, get it?".

Leaving behind the 3 who were recovering the radio controlled car, I went ahead of the others in heading towards the pool.

On the other hand, at the same time I left the men's changing room. In the girls' changing room, an ideal sight that the 3 Idiots so desired was able to unfold. No, in fact the camera was properly capturing both the sound and the images.