How can I get money on the Internet?

How can I get money on the Internet?

“Serves you right. A man absolutely unsuitable for others~”

She began to make fun of me without hesitation.

“But are you okay with that? If you give this to me, I won’t be unsuitable anymore, you know?”

“That makes you that much more pitiful. It just means that you’ll have to look to me for salvation.”

She was really looking down on me.

“Oh yeah, and you can thank me by returning the favor 1000 times over.”

She continued spouting unreasonable nonsense.

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“By the way, uh-”

Kei attempted to change the topic yet again.

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However, she swallowed her words as soon as she looked into my eyes.

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Standing a short distance apart, we stared at one another.

I slowly shifted my gaze in the direction of the dormitory.

“Well then, I’m heading back to my room.”

“Yeah. Later.”