What are the most profitable online platforms?

What are the most profitable online platforms?

“Upuh... O, obeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh, bleeeeeeeehhh!!!!”

The entirety of what appeared to be the breakfast he had this morning came out in a sloppy mess from José’s mouth.

“Hi!? Jo, José!?”

“N, n... Nooooooooooo!?”

And José, who had thrown up everything from the mouth, collapsed to his knees, as fell down onto the mass of “stuff” that he had just puked out, covering his entire body with the foul odor, as he writhed in pain while clutching his midsection.

“U, ah, ha, uo, ah, u, upuh, u, pu, wha, upu... wh...... w... at?”

He couldn’t even scream because of the pain.

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A smiting blow to the pit of his stomach, so he couldn’t speak properly because he had difficulty breathing.

However, the only things that came out were vomit and tears that were spilling for some reason.

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“Jo, José... no way...... it can’t be!? Why? What’s going on?!”

“Ha, haha ... is this a dream ... what the hell?”

“Th, that’s right, something’s wrong! No, this is also Senior’s strategy!? No, that guy used some underhanded trick! Of course he did!”

Some are confused and crying, while others are stunned.

Finally, they came to look like ordinary women.

[Su, such an instant kill!! Overwhelming victory!! Supernova Earth has shattered the genius into pieces! The genius rolls around covered in vomit and still can’t get up! The fight cannot go on! For sure, it’s over! This match goes to Earth Lagann!]


And the host declared the match.

At that moment, the audience, which had been silent except for the screams of the women, instantly erupted in cheers.