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“These have a superb difficulty.”

“Yeah…… really.”

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The questions that Kushida secretly submitted shouldn’t be that different than those prepared by Horikita. These were arguably a set of well-refined, splendid exam questions. So good that no one but the author would know which is which. Considering that Ryūen is involved, this is probably Kaneda’s handiwork. Because of this, a third party wouldn’t be able to know which side is telling the truth. If they were problems that even Sudō and the others could solve, Kushida would be suspected for submitting such simple questions. However, if the difficulty is similar, the truth immediately blurs.

Horikita had made a promise to not reveal Kushida’s past, and Hirata, who’s afraid of intraclass conflict, also wouldn’t say a word about it. In short, the situation was that of first come first served.

If you know the answer ahead of time, it doesn’t matter how difficult the questions are.

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If all the students in Class C share the answers, they can get a super high score.

Having judged this, Kushida thoroughly camouflaged the information to such an extent and carried out their strategy.

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Despite attending the study sessions and accepting Horikita’s bet, she managed to solidly handle the situation.

If Class D loses, Horikita, who has taken the role of the leader of the class, would inevitably face part of the blame. Lowering her cohesive power, Ryūen is then used to drive Horikita into a desperate situation.

If it’s just the creation of the exam questions, the situation can still be saved. So far, there’s no helping the worst outcome.

However, the most important thing at hand here is the bet Horikita proposed.

The collusion between Kushida and Ryūen is certain, and it’s entirely conceivable that in exchange for her cooperation, she will receive Class C’s questions and answers.