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It would not be logical for Pei Qian not to update Ghost General since it was so profitable. If not for the fact that so many people were keeping up with Ghost General, Pei Qian would have been alright.

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However, if this thing blew up and people internal and external to the industry became suspicious, Pei Qian’s inaction could amount to a violation of the rules.

Pei Qian did not need to take this risk at all.

Therefore, after pondering for several seconds, he decided—once Game Designer was complete, he would think about updating Ghost General. In any case, he could buy a couple of card animations and a few new random function templates to add to the game. Then, he could fix a low price and count the job done. He could think about the next settlement issues the following week.

No matter what, when the time came, he had to think of new ways to lose money!

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Just as he was thinking about these things, he arrived at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. At the door, a few renovation workers were installing the shop front. Above the main entrance was a glass wall with a huge, abnormal logo.

In the middle of the logo was a lame-looking salted fish. It looked just like the one in the emoji packs made into an insignia. The fish looked slightly coquettish, and its tail looked almost like it was going to turn into a dragon’s.

On top of the salted fish was an abstract letter ‘M’. It looked vaguely like the fish’s outstretched fin, trying to reach an itch. It also looked like a crown on its head. Behind the logo was a huge letter ‘Y’, which was holding the entire logo together.

Pei Qian looked closely at this logo.

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En, it looked chic yet lame, lame yet individualistic. This huge logo was the only thing in the shop front. There was nothing written in Mandarin or in English.

Pei Qian guessed that this must have been the work of Ma Yang.

He must have found someone to design and custom-make this logo. Pei Qian wondered what kind of unreliable artistic request Ma Yang had given this designer. There were no words on the shop front, but this was exactly as Pei Qian wanted it.

People who walked past this shop front would not understand anything about it. They would have no idea what people even did inside!

Pei Qian walked into the internet cafe and looked around. The internal renovations were almost complete. There were two people inside, cleaning up the entire place.

He had already purchased the chairs, tables, and other furniture. Various boxes filled different areas of the internet cafe. Zhang Yuan’s head was buried in his work as he tried to install the computers. Two young men were assisting him as well. Pei Qian guessed that they were newly employed.

“How are you doing, Brother Qian? Are you satisfied?!” Ma Yang smiled warmly as he walked into the internet cafe.

Pei Qian nodded. “En, it looks quite good.”

“Do you have any requests or instructions? See if you like where the bar counter is now. How about the chairs and tables? There’s also this bookshelf; what kind of books do you want to put on it?”

Ma Yang walked around the internet cafe; thirty percent of him wanted to ask for Pei Qian’s opinion, but seventy percent of him just wanted to show off his work.