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How to make money on college students to sell micro-commerce

I talked while I was still collapsed on the table. Aguri-san replied, also in a similar position.

“Isn’t it fine as long as he didn’t see us?”

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“Ah, I guess…”

We talked back and forth while looking at the ceiling, feeling out of it.

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The reason being…

“(Uehara-kun is definitely cheatiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggg!)”

After all, enough proof of cheating just appeared right in front of our eyes.

“(Saying that Tendo is the best girl, then smoothly patting the head of another girl… Uehara-kun, you’re impossible…! If this were the KISUMAI BUSAIKU rankings, you have the potential to get first place every time!)”[8]

I can’t even say anything anymore. I propped my head using my arm.

On the other hand, Aguri-san was still looking up at the ceiling, muttering something.

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“Yuute imiya oukimu kouho riiyu ujitori yamaa kirape pepepepe pepepe pepepe pepepepe pepepe pepepe pepepepe pepe…”[9]

“A spell of restoration!? Or rather, what generation are you from, Aguri-san!?”

“? What are you saying? Aguri was just mumbling the words that came from the bottom of my heart in this nothingness…”

“What are the chances of that!?”

A heaven-sent child of the gaming industry was sitting in front of me, naturally spewing out spells of restoration as a means of recovery from a shocked state. It’s a miracle. But the sad part is that this person has absolutely no interest in games. It’s a useless miracle.

As if it was the effect of the spell, Aguri-san finally returned to her normal state and started sipping her now lukewarm oolong tea.