Empty white wolf

Empty white wolf

They didn’t attend at all? That was indeed an interesting inconsistency.

“It seems like you understand, Ayanokōji-kun.”

Horikita seemed to catch on to what I was thinking, but…

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“Huh? Is there some kinda meaning behind Class 1-D not attending or somethin’?”

Sudō tilted his head, unable to understand the significance behind this.

“There are 40 people in Class 1-D. Some of them don’t know how to study, and others aren’t very good at socializing. But despite that, not even a single person from Class 1-D participated in the event, which obviously reflects the will of the class as a whole.”

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Clearly, somebody had taken control of the class and convinced them not to participate in the meet-and-greet.

It was unusual, considering that only a short amount of time had passed since they had enrolled here.

“So, you’re saying that Class 1-D already has a leader, and they’re the one who refused to attend the meet-and-greet…?”

“If there’s someone we can negotiate with at the class level, it isn’t necessary to try and bargain with people at the individual level.”

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In other words, her strategy was to have the students in Class 2-D and Class 1-D cover up for each other.

“That’s reasonable, but like, wouldn’t it be hard as heck to win the special exam?”