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The audience had already entered the venue. IMAX was already filled to the brim.

‘Mission and Choice’ did not have a premiere or a pre-screening. Tengda’s confidentiality was ridiculously good, so there was no spoiler on the internet.

The audience in the cinema were discussing in low voices. Lu Xiaoping did not deliberately listen, but he roughly determined the source of these people from the conversations of the audience around him.

Some were hardcore fans who came especially for Lu Zhiyao.

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Some were die-hard fans of Tengda Games and loyal supporters of domestically-produced games. They had specially come to see how Tengda had filmed the ‘Mission and Choice’ because it was’ a disgrace to the domestic games industry’.

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Some couples wanted to randomly pick a movie to watch and spend the night outside. However, the schedule today was rubbish. There were no good movies. They heard that this movie was shot by the original crew of Tomorrow is Beautiful. The quality should be guaranteed, so they decided to book tickets to watch it...

All in all, there were various sources of viewers.

Lu Xiaoping had a bad feeling because this situation meant that the audience for Mission and Choice was more diverse.

If the audience was more singular, for example, most of them were Lu Zhiyao’s fans, the movie might not have enough momentum. There were only so many hardcore fans after all. If they could not break out of the circle after watching it, the box office would definitely plummet.

On the other hand, the audience was diverse, which meant that the chances of this film breaking out of the circle would be higher!

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Of course, the key was still the quality of the movie itself.

Soon, the lights in the theater dimmed.

The movie officially began after a huge pile of logos on the big screen. The cinema quickly fell silent.

Once the movie started, it was the scene of Qin Yi waking up in the hibernation chamber, talking to AEEIS and becoming the new commander.

For gamers who had played Ocean Stronghold’s downloadable content before, this opening was very easy to understand. That was because it was connected to the downloadable content.

It did not affect the audience who had not played before. That was because Qin Yi’s memory fragments were inserted into the opening scene. It was mainly the scene of the decapitation operation in the nest and the deaths of his teammates.

Even though these images were fragmented and short, it was enough for the audience to understand the priorities and not be confused.

What’s more, as the movie plot progressed, there would be memories of the ‘decapitation strike’ at certain key points, such as the ‘realistic training’. It might not take long but it was enough to ensure the integrity of the entire story.