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At that point, Pei Qian knew that it was time to come clean with everyone. He cleared his throat and prepared for his performance.

However, at that moment, someone knocked on the door. “Hello, your bottled water is

There was a water dispenser in the living room, but the bottle was already empty.

One of the young internet addicts stepped forward bravely and rushed over. “Let me!” The young man who had delivered the water had intended to help with refilling the water dispenser. However, after seeing how ready the internet addict was to move the bottled water, he did not object.

The internet addict huffed and puffed as he carried the bottled water with both of his arms. Then, he struggled to move towards the water dispenser.

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Midway through, he began to regret his decision. The bottled water was much heavier than he had imagined!

He had only wanted to show how manly he was in front of the beautiful, sweet, and adorable coach. He had not thought that he would pay such a high price. He was only halfway through, but he was close to collapsing.

The other contestants showed no intention of helping him. Instead, they suppressed their smiles and waited to see the man make a fool of himself.

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You want to show off in front of the coach? You’ve scr*wed up, haven’t you? That’s just as well. You’ve made a mess of

c chances just got higher. The internet addict moving the bottled water saw that no one was stepping forward to help him. Thus, he had no choice but to put it down on the floor. He wanted to take a break before completing the rest of the journey.

His face became flushed, and he panted in exhaustion. At that moment, Coach Yaling walked up to him and effortlessly lifted the bottled water with a single hand.

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“Let me.”

The internet addict had huffed and puffed and used up all of his energy to make it halfway. Yet, Coach Yaling easily completed the rest of the journey, towed the bottled water with her left hand, and refilled the water dispenser.

She looked so relaxed that one could mistakenly think the full bottle of water was just as light as the empty one.

A weird silence filled the room.

A few of the young, internet addicts pinched their own arms and then looked at Coach Yaling who had easily refilled the water dispenser without panting. Immediately, they fell silent.

The atmosphere was extremely awkward.

Coach Yaling sighed. “I don’t know what is going on, but I think there must have been some misunderstanding. This seems to be an esports training club, but I’m a fitness trainer.”