Unveiled zero costs for people to know on the Internet

Unveiled zero costs for people to know on the Internet

< P.S. The arcade near my home is also under maintenance too. Perhaps we live really close to each other. If there’s a chance for us to battle in real-life, please go easy on me. >

Since the apology seems a bit too rigid, I added this to smooth things over.

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“Right, I’m sending it.”

After I wrote the message, I didn’t have to mood to continue playing anymore. So, I turned off the PC and started switching between TV channels.

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As for Keita, he’s still mumbling something by himself.

“SALT, …s…salt? Hmm, …it’s really unrelated, right? …Salt, …it’s pronounced as Osio. …If I read it in reverse-“

During this time, the cartoon for kids in the evening started playing. Keita immediately stopped thinking and snapped out of it.

“Crap, it’s already this late. Well, I’ll be leaving.”

Keita hastily got his coat on while I answered him as I stared at the cartoon’s OP dazedly.

“Hey, I’m sorry for today. I think you were just watching me fighting the others all along.”

“It’s fine. Although I did complain about it, it’s actually pretty fun to watch you battling someone else. I have thought about this before, and I think your gaming style is quite nice, Kiriya-san.”


“Yes. It’s almost like I’m watching an experienced live streamer’s gameplay.”

“…PFFT! Cough!”

I nearly choked. …What the hell, Keita Amano? Are you smart or dense? Seriously, can you just please pick a side? My heart can’t take it.

Keita quickly walked to the entrance after he got everything done. …Then, he bid farewell to me with a slightly perplexed smile.

“Well, Kiriya-san. Uh, …see you.”