What the Internet has done a part-time money

What the Internet has done a part-time money

Is it such a system after all? He said it was instant memory.

『To use this spell means to recall everything that moves into sight. Therefore, if you continue to use it, the view of things naturally will be ingrained in your body, so that you can perceive ‘the whole rather than just one point’ even without the use of magic.』

“Eee~, naturally... Instant Memory... it sure sounds convenient to memorize.”

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『Tis not memorization. Everything in the field of vision is stored in the brain as a picture. So long as you remember this spell ... Even if the maid were to find your erotica and dispose of it, if the contents are already engraved in the brain as a picture...』

“I don’t know, but I’ll learn it right now, that magic! I’m sure I need it now!”

But recently, I’ve learned magic that I use for training, not for actual fighting...

Translated by: Sads07

The worst day of my life, and at the same time the beginning of my new life goes back over ten years ago.

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‘I can’t leave this girl ... at the institute. I’ll take her in!!’

The heroine, who was called the War Maiden, hugged me tight as she said so.

I was still a young, fresh-thinking child, and I was terrified when the Demon King’s Army destroyed my village, my parents were killed in front of me, and that I would soon be dead.

However, just as I was about to be killed, someone saved me at the last minute.

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One of the seven heroes. Mamu, the War Maiden.

The one who saved me, hugged me and cried saying, ‘Sorry, I’m sorry I didn’t make it’.

She’s not to blame for anything. She’s my lifesaver. Rather, I should thank you.

However, I couldn’t accept the death of my parents, who I loved, and I just kept crying.