How long can I write online?

How long can I write online?

Zhao Xuming asked, “Then... What should we do about the summer promotional event?”

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Eric shook his head. “The outcome of my communication with the upper echelons of Dayak Corporation is to continue burning with Boss Pei if they could give me enough resources. If they cannot bear to, then don’t take the bait at all. Continue to execute the plan with a 40%!d(MISSING)iscount.”

“They should still be working overtime for a meeting. They’ll give me an answer before 8 PM tonight.”

Finger Games’ summer promotional event would officially begin tomorrow, and the specific policies had not been announced yet. However, there was still time because the functions had been done. A few changes to the data would be enough.

Even so, everyone in the conference room knew very well that they would probably have to work late tonight.

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Zhao Xuming nodded. “There’s still time. Whether we burn money with Boss Pei this time or not shouldn’t affect us much.”

Eric shook his head slightly. “I’m not worried about the outcome of this event, but... the change in the internal view of Dayak Corporation.”

“Dayak Corporation bought over Finger Games because they saw the potential of IOI. They hoped to expand quickly and monopolize the market to obtain profits.”

“The situation has changed with Tengda Corporation’s intervention and GOG’s appearance.”

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“Dayak Corporation expanded the global market and suppressed GOG, still trying to obtain profits after monopolizing the market.”

“However... a year and a half has passed since IOI was born. In this long money-burning war, not only did Tengda Corporation not retreat, but they had gradually gained the upper hand.”

“Dayak Corporation had spent an extremely high premium to acquire Finger Games. They were angered by Boss Pei back then and even used a private contract. The upper echelons of Dayak Corporation are very eager to recover this money and obtain more returns.”

“However, even though IOI has revenue now, frequent discounts and promotional activities have made the profits of this game thin. The domestic server has been incurring huge losses all year round and needs Dayak Corporation’s huge subsidies. This has not reached the initial expectations.”

“Tengda Corporation’s counterattack also made the upper echelons of Dayak Corporation increasingly clear that it was impossible to defeat GOG in a short period of time to form a monopoly.”

“That’s why I’m worried...”

Eric did not elaborate, but Zhao Xuming already understood.

Obviously, someone in Dayak Corporation wanted to display traditional skills again.

Dayak Corporation often bought over some gaming workspaces. After acquiring them, they would interfere with the original companies and influence them greatly. They would squeeze out the value of these companies in a short period of time with the goal of quickly generating profits.