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Qiu Hong looked around.

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It looked like a very small one-bedroom apartment. The living room had become Wu Zhicheng’s workroom. There was a computer desk, a computer, a messy pile of books, a game console, a small television, a small dining table... There was almost no space to step on.

The other room was Wu Zhicheng’s bedroom. Apart from the bed and the wardrobe, there were too many things. The bed was also filled with books which was equally worrying.

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Wu Zhicheng felt a little awkward. He searched in the mini fridge for a long time, but all he found was Coca Cola. He wondered if Boss Qiu was used to drinking this.

Qiu Hong quickly said, “Don’t bother. Let’s get to the main topic.”

Wu Zhicheng nodded. “Alright, I’ll briefly explain my situation.”

Compared to Jiang Fan of Cherry Workspace, Wu Zhicheng’s experience was much simpler.

Jiang Fan had originally worked in a law firm. He had first created a game in his spare time and succeeded. Only then did he make up his mind to set up Cherry Workspace to start a business.

On the other hand, Wu Zhicheng worked for a period of time after graduating from university. He had a certain amount of savings. He resigned and started to work on games because he was not satisfied with his job.

Wu Zhicheng had never considered the problem of not being able to finish the game and not earning money.

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In any case, if he could not take it anymore, he would look for another job.

Qiu Hong asked, “How far have you developed the game? Can I give it a try?”

Wu Zhicheng nodded. “Sure, but... the completion rate is very low. Boss Qiu, you might have to use your imagination when you play it.”

As he spoke, Wu Zhicheng turned on his computer and opened his game project on the official game editor.

Qiu Hong sat down in front of Wu Zhicheng’s computer. He looked at the dust on the keyboard and mouse, as well as the ashtray full of cigarette butts and empty Coke bottles on the computer table. He was speechless.

Wu Zhicheng quickly took out two pieces of tissue from the tissue box beside him, wiped the keyboard and mouse carefully, and then tidied up the computer desk.

“Boss Qiu, this is a mobile game. However, it can only be played on the computer at the moment. You have to use the mouse to complete the manual operation. It’s not very convenient. Please bear with it.”

Qiu Hong nodded and entered the game.

The game’s name was ‘Black Ink and Clouds’. It was a 2D landscape version of the game. It was relatively difficult. The biggest difference between this game and ordinary landscape version of the game was that it had a special way of playing. It interacted with the scenes in the game through drawing.