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Online approval essay make money

If he lost three-quarters of his health in one go, perhaps the entire experience shop would suffer a huge blow and collapse?

Tian Mo was stunned.

“Huh? Boss Pei, that’s not very appropriate, right?”

“I’ve just barely adapted to management. I still know nothing about how to open an experience shop! What’s more, if I leave, who will be the branch manager of this shop?”

Pei Qian had expected him to say this. “The candidate for the branch manager is very simple. Isn’t Zhuang Dong very good?”

“Zhuang… Zhuang Dong?” Tian Mo was even more shocked.

Others might not know, but how could he not know Zhuang Dong’s situation?

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The fact that he could survive as a salesperson in the experience shop without causing major damage to the experience shop was the result of him working hard to maintain the upper limit of his IQ!

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“Boss Pei, Zhuang Dong is my brother. Of course, I have no objections to him. However… Can he be the branch manager?” Tian Mo looked confused.

Pei Qian smiled. “If you can be the branch manager, why can’t he?”

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Tian Mo: “Ah, this…”

He wanted to say ‘Boss Pei, don’t insult me’, but on further thought, it seemed like there was no problem with what Boss Pei said.