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"I just couldn't figure out the reason why you're so persistent when it comes to targeting Horikita though".

I had wanted them to resolve this matter between themselves before the sports festival but things didn't pan out that conveniently.

"Sorry but I'm going to get Horikita-san expelled. No matter what you say, I won't change my mind on this".

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"In other words, in order to accomplish that, you'd even sabotage Class D?".

"That's right. I don't mind not being able to climb up to Class A. I'll settle for getting Horikita-san expelled. But don't get me wrong. Once Horikita-san is no longer here, I'll wholeheartedly cooperate with everyone from the class and aim for Class A. I promise you that".

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Apparently, getting Kushida to stop is impossible. She's committing this act of treason with that sort of strong resolve. If necessary, she'd likely approach even people like Katsuragi, Ichinose or Sakayanagi.

"Ahh, but I have changed my mind about something. Just now too. That's the fact that you, Ayanokouji-kun, are now on my list of people to expel. In other words, after the two of you have been eliminated, I'll aim for Class A".

She said so with her usual, untiring smile. An expression that's almost dazzling.

"Haven't you considered the possibility that Ryuuen might expose you?".

"I'm not an idiot either so I haven't done anything that would leave any evidence behind. Ryuuen-kun's capable of casually tricking people and he's also a liar. Well, whether or not he'd betray me is a gamble I made though".

Even so, I just wanted to say there are plenty of ways to deceive someone. Looks like Kushida is serious about crushing Horikita.

The way this school is set up, if there's a traitor amongst your allies then you'd end up repeatedly fighting desperate fights. The order on our participation table, our strategy, all that information has been leaked. To ask us to win in spite of all this is unreasonable.

Well...the side that assumed there's a traitor present and was left unable to formulate any strategies is also at fault though.

I'd expect someone truly talented to instead use the traitor and pull a stunt to pave way for victory.

"Horikita-san's a mess throughout the sports festival. Shame you couldn't save her, right?".

I don't know about that. After giving her that brief reply, we participated in the three-legged race while antagonizing one another.

Roughly an hour has passed since Sudou-kun left. If the programme has progressed smoothly then they should be on the cusp of the final contest right about now. The hole left behind by Sudou-kun isn't small by any measure. I can imagine Hirata-kun and the others putting up a good fight but I can't expect much in the way of results.

The powerless me could not do anything except aimlessly and dumbfoundedly stand around.

All I could do was to keep standing in front of that elevator. Even if I'm told to go back to our camp and withdraw, I lack the ability to pay the points necessary for a substitute. The points I have on hand will later be confiscated by Ryuuen-kun. In other words, I cannot pay for the student who will be participating on my behalf. I'd only be a powerless existence even if I were to go back.