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"Why don't you try pressing the destination floor and the close button at the same time?".

"Close button?...I got it".

While thinking there's no way it could be, Ibuki tried a combination that had not been tested yet. And when she pressed it, although I thought it wouldn't work, at that very moment the elevator started to slowly move again. We both immediately looked at each other.

And in a few seconds the elevator reached the 1st floor and the doors slowly opened. A cool breeze flowed into the elevator, two adults who changed their expressions turned to look at us.

"Are you two ok? Are you injured?".

"Ahh. No we aren't injured. It was just hot in there".

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Just by looking at how sweaty we were it's easy to guess how hot it was. Perhaps the adults realized it too but immediately we were presented with sports drinks.

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And then, just in case too, we were instructed to head over to the medical center for treatment.

"Umm. Can we ask something? Could it be the elevator moved---"

"Yeah. We operated it from here".

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Apparently there is a special remote control that can be operated from the 1st floor, it seems it was thanks to using the limited express mode from here. And we just happened to use that combination with the same timing.

" must have had a difficult time".

"Really it was disastrous. I've had enough of fortune-telling for a while". It's not like I didn't understand Ibuki's feelings for saying that. I then expressed my gratitude to the adults, and the man who was watching from a distance then approached us