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Zhang Yahui was a little confused. “I don’t quite understand. How is it clear...”

Liang Qingfan opened a map of Jingzhou City on his laptop. “Boss Pei said that it cannot be in the downtown area or too remote. It cannot be opened in a place with Tengda’s businesses.”

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“There aren’t many places like this. Wouldn’t we be able to find a suitable location just by sifting through?”

He searched all of Tengda’s related businesses on the map, including Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Fish-Catching Take-Out, Sloth Apartments, Deposit Fitness, Upwind Logistics, and so on. After searching, he marked them on the map.

Soon, densely packed marks appeared on the map.

These industries had already undergone many rounds of expansion. What’s more, they had previously been focused on Jingzhou. In Jingzhou’s downtown and downtown areas, these industries were practically everywhere. There was no other space for them.

Of course, the so-called ‘not next to’ did not mean that they were separated by a street or were neighbors. Instead, it meant that there were no Tengda businesses within a certain range.

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Boss Pei had also said that he could not go to places that were too prosperous or too remote.

After a round of selection, there were only a dozen or so locations left on the map that could be used as a snack market.

There seemed to be quite a number of places in the area, but most of them were not suitable for a snack market.

That was because the snack market needed a larger venue to accommodate a large number of people. It might also need to accommodate dozens or hundreds of vendors.

A place like that could not be built from scratch. That would take too long. It would not be in line with Boss Pei’s requirements to build an open space or a few tents.

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Therefore, it would be best if there were ready-made buildings.

This way, the areas that met the criteria would be further reduced. Only two or three areas were most suitable.

One only had to search online to know the current situation of these places.