Make money online part scalping

Make money online part scalping

<Special Notice: In order to encourage the owner to focus on work, the owner may not pay himself a salary through the company’s accounts.>

<Next step: Check out the detailed rules.>

“Woah? This is a sure win system!”

“You’re not only providing me with funds, you’re even giving me money? A system with a conscience!”

Instantly, Pei Qian understood the functions of the system.

Even though both the System Funds and Personal Wealth aspects referred to money, they were completely different concepts.

The 443 of the Personal Wealth referred to Pei Qian’s total amount of money which amounted to 443 yuan – this was money he could spend freely.

As for the 50,000 yuan, those were the System Funds. According to the system’s rules, that amount of money could only be for business activities such as incorporating a company.

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After a period of time, be it whether he profits or loses, it will be converted to his Personal Wealth based on the set ratio and he could spend it as he wishes by then!

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“Exciting! Let’s take a look at the detailed rules!”

Pei Qian continued tapping on the screen.

<The owner must engage in normal, logical and legal business activities that require some technical skills.>

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<The following are violations of the rules, do take note.>

<Profit category:>

<1. Large scale purchasing or manipulating of property prices.>