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If some of these players had poor reading ability and could not seize the timing, it would distract the commander and their own operations. It would be a disaster for the entire team if they forced him to command. The election of Captain and commander was the natural result of a certain mock competition. Huang Wang and Old Zhou commanding together was still not enough to defeat Jiang Huan. Therefore, Team Two had significantly more training than Team One. No significant results could be seen in the meantime, but the difference in muscle mass was obvious once time took its course.

It could be seen purely from their appearance. Team One basically maintained a slim figure while some members of Team Two were already ripped.

It was now summer; they were all wearing T-shirts. Huang Wang felt even more similar to a personal trainer now. He had the most extra training as the Captain after all.

Jiang Huan was resting while Huang Wang and Old Zhou were discussing their excitement to compete with the H4 Esports Club in the back row.

“Actually, I heard about the H4 Esports Club when I skipped class for gaming sessions. I was so excited when I saw the members of H4 obtaining glory in international arenas. I dreamed of joining this club to be a professional player one day.”

“To be able to look at the H4 Club is like fulfilling my dream.” Huang Wang’s face was filled with excitement.

Old Zhou nodded. “Indeed, the H4 Club is an old brand here; they can rival many foreign clubs as well. Many people want to join.”

Huang Wang said expectantly, “I wonder what their training base looks like. People on the net say that it seemed to be rather big and was more formal than most clubs here.”

Old Zhou: “We’ll know when we see it. However, I think most of our members and coaches want to use this opportunity to observe and learn the management concepts and experiences of old brands like H4. Why else would we all come here in person when we can compete online? Waste of money.”

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Huang Wang nodded. “Yes, there is definitely such a consideration. We’re a newly established club after all.”

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They arrived at H4 Esports Club while they chatted.

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H4 Esports Club was housed in an apartment in the suburbs of Shanghai. To be precise, it was a villa. The entire community was quiet and had complete supporting facilities. The H4 Esports Club often organized fitness activities like basketball matches to keep fit.

The bus got through the guards and went into the compound of H4 Esports Club.

Esports clubs during this period were basically housed in rented apartments or villas. Those who built their own buildings and training bases were things that happened only after many venture capitalists entered the market. A club housed in a villa like this was already very respectable.

Zhang Yuan and Coach Yaling got down the bus first, followed closely by Ma Yang. The leader of H4 Esports Club, Xiao Su, was waiting downstairs for them.

Zhang Yuan went up to him immediately.

“Leader Su! Nice to meet you, let me introduce them to you: this is our personal trainer, Ms. Li; this is...”

Zhang Yuan was a little stuck when introducing Ma Yang. He did not know what position was suitable for Ma Yang.

Strictly speaking, Ma Yang was a calefare without any title. However, he was one of the experienced leaders of Tengda. It would probably not be giving him face if he said that he was a calefare, right?