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The student council president who was defeated by me just a while ago is staring at me with a sullen expression.

(Haa… I’m begging you, please don’t bring up something troublesome…)

While sighing in my heart – I pretended not to notice the president’s sharp gaze.

The day after the club budget war.

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After the morning class, while I was eating lunch with Ria and Rose as usual – an in-house broadcast flowed.

「Year 1 Class A, Allen Rodore-kun, please come to the student council room asap. I repeat. Year 1 Class A-」

That voice undoubtedly belongs to the president, whom I fought yesterday.

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Even if she says『asap』……

It’s clear as day, that it wasn’t going to be anything decent.

However, I can’t possibly ignore her after being called through the broadcast.

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I dragged my heavy feet to the student council room.

And currently,

「Nee, Allen.」

「…What is it, president?」

In the student council room, I was being bombarded with questions by the president, who was grinning creepily..

There were four people in the room – me, the president, the secretary Lilim-senpai, and the accountant Ferris-senpai.

Lilim-senpai was doing maintenance on her sword, and Ferris-senpai was eating sweets and reading fashion magazines.