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Whether online phone chat makes money

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There’s a smelly cardboard box inside the dust-filled storage closet of the Game Club.

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I can’t help but clap my hands in celebration when I decided to open it.

“Ara, I miss this!”

As for the people in the same room, the three club members was influenced by this happiness-


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“Ah, w-what’s wrong, Tendou-san?”

Two of the three ignored me. One of them even cursed me for breaking his attention. What a terminal reaction. It’s late January, and the cold breezes slipped passed from the window are sending chills down our spines.

I can’t help but sigh. Then, the only normal member in this club, …Eiichi Mizumi-kun, stopped playing his game. After that, he came next to me, who bent down at the corner of the room.

“Did you find anything good?”

With that said, he squatted down and glanced at the box I opened.

I answered, “Yeah.” Then, I gently took out one of the consoles inside of it.

“I played this in elementary school, and it’s a short-lived one. …Don’t you remember?”

“I see. …Sorry, I lost my memories, after all.”

“R-Right. I’m sorry.”