Grab a chicken on the Internet

Grab a chicken on the Internet


Kousei answered like he’s not interested. You’re the one that asked me, though. What a plain response. I mean, I guess it’s just chitchat for killing time to him, anyway.

I don’t really mind since I’m focusing on the game. Unexpectedly, …Kousei continued asking.

“…Well, how about when you’re with Chiaki-senpai?”


Although I don’t understand why he is suddenly bringing up Chiaki, I guess there’s no need for me to overthink this, so I answered sincerely.

“Yeah, I’m happy. A lot, actually. We like chatting with each other about gaming. Even though some parts cause us to fight, …recently, we’re enjoying yelling at each other too.”

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Especially after that confession thing is over, it’s only becoming more apparent. I didn’t expect the “barrier” caused by rejecting and being rejected isn’t as severe as I’ve imagined. I guess we’re chatting even more happily because we expressed our sincere feelings.

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“Oh, …it’s quite fun, isn’t it…”

Kousei is still answering as he looked at the extra-large meals episode on the TV. …He’s really talking to me just to kill time. This is the subtle distance that Kousei has between me.

So, we chatted with each other about TV shows. Then, around 15 minutes later, someone’s opening the door again. This time, it’s my mom with a bunch of shopping bags.

Mom yelled, “it’s cold” as she walked towards the kitchen. Then, after she put all the veggies and beverages into the fridge, she started talking to us brothers.

“Sorry. I’m standing in the book store reading magazines, that’s why I forgot the time.”

I was the only one that reacted, barely. Kousei is paying attention to his phone. Of course, he’s not fighting with his family. I guess this is like the roles of the older and younger brother.

When mom’s walking towards here to put the car keys back to the cupboards in the living room, she suddenly looked at me as if she found something amazing to talk about.

“Right, right! Eh, Keita, mom saw it today.”

“You saw what?”