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Specialized training organizations were already producing teaching materials for Tengda’s recruitment examinations. What’s more, they had even replicated the real questions.

Wu Bin had thought that something like this might happen, but he had not expected it to happen so quickly.

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This made Wu Bin a little uncomfortable.

That was because Tengda had introduced the recruitment examinations to create a fair and just environment for all applicants.

Candidates could not be blamed for testing their administrative skills and improving their professional knowledge to increase their chances of passing the examinations.

However, many training organizations were in it for the money. By selling the real questions for Tengda’s recruitment examinations, they had caused a stir among the candidates and profited from it.

As one could imagine, more and more people would be sitting for Tengda’s recruitment examinations. The more candidates there were, the more benefits those training organizations would reap.

Then, if candidates did not buy the real questions from those training organizations, they would be at a disadvantage in the examinations. A vicious cycle would form.

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This made Wu Bin a little unhappy.

However, Wu Bin could do nothing about it.

After all, training organizations had cast their shadow over most examinations in the world. They were not doing anything illegal. How could Wu Bin stop them from reproducing and attempting to decipher Tengda’s real questions?

That was unrealistic.

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Therefore, Wu Bin only made a mental note of the matter and prepared to send a report to Hao Yun when he returned to the office. Then, Hao Yun would report the matter to Boss Pei and let him decide what to do.

It was afternoon and almost time to knock off.

After finishing his work for the day, Wu Bin looked at his watch. It was about time for him to go home and rest.

At that moment, his cell phone rang. It was an unknown number.