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There wasn’t even a shred of evidence saying that Hōsen had a stronger character than Nanase.

Although that was weighing on my mind, it probably wasn’t something I could ask her about here and now.

After all, I didn’t see her as someone who would unnecessarily talk about something that shouldn’t be said.

I shouldn’t do anything foolish that would raise her guard just yet.

At this point, I wondered if I should just pull back for the time being. After all, there would probably be another chance to try again later with Horikita.

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“In any case, if Hōsen’s the one deciding the course of action for your class, going about implementing this might be difficult.”

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Giving up, I began thinking about making contact with the other classes while maintaining a good relationship with Nanase, but…

“Uhm, if you’re okay with it… Would you like me to try setting something up for you?”

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She responded with that, perhaps because she thought that my proposal for a cooperative relationship was a good idea.

“I appreciate your offer, but are you sure?”

“Yes. However, I don’t know how many students will be willing to cooperate, so I cannot make any promises. In the worst case, it might just be me. Would that be alright with you?”

Nanase put that forward, interested to hear my response.

For the sake of our classmates, it was important for Horikita and me to take every opportunity available to us to develop a connection with Class 1-D.

“Of course. I’m sure Horikita will be pleased as well.”